The Poli Nanovibronic Disc was a thrown Yautja disc weapon similar to the Smart Disc. When thrown, the Poli Nanovibronic Disc returned to the wielder in a single arc. When not in use, the Poli Nanovibronic Disc was stored on a Yautja's left leg.[1]


The laser targeting device in the Yautja's Bio-Mask was used to aim the Disc. The Disc could be "free thrown", with the laser indicating the path of the Disc, or the laser could be used to lock onto an opponent, which the Disc would then be thrown at. Targeting did take time and if the Disc was not allowed to fully target an opponent, the power of the Disc would be reduced. No matter how well it was targeted, the Disc always drained the wielder's "energy" by one "bar". When thrown, the Disc would attempt to hit the targeted opponent (only when the Disc actually targeted something), but could miss. While still in the air, the Disc could change its trajectory to hit multiple targets. When fully targeted, the Disc was powerful enough to cut a few targets in half at the waist in a single "throw", bouncing off of walls or adjusting its trajectory in between cutting each opponent. When fully targeted, the Disc could, in a single hit, cut straight through (at the waist) M3 Pattern Personal Armor and combat synthetics. The Disc would almost always kill a Facehugger in a single hit. The Disc would also always return to the wielder after being thrown eventually. When not in use, the Disc was stored on a Yautja's left leg.[1]




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