The Plasma Scythe is an extremely powerful Yautja weapon.


Used by Yautja Vanguards, the Plasma Scythe can kill an enemy within four hits during gameplay. It is to be considered a force among forces, and is indeed powerful, but dangerous. This renders it a weapon illegitimate for Hunts.

Since the staff produces a blade made of high-heated plasma energy, it can burn through armor and enemies with ease. Upon creating a wound, it seals it over with the intense heat instantaneously, making it nearly impossible to heal the injury.

According to Predator law, this eminently dangerous weapon can only be wielded by those who have earned the right to bear it. When it strikes, its blade leaves wounds filled with seething dark plasma. Dark plasma triggers a controlled energy reaction that causes damage in proportion to the mass of the target, enabling the weapon to kill any enemy, regardless of its power, with no more than four hits.[citation needed]