"Get back to your cage at Alvarado!"
―Deputy Chief Heinemann (from Predator 2)

Deputy Chief of Police Phil H. Heinemann[3][4] was a senior commander in the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997. He often came into conflict with Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan due to the latter's reckless tactics and refusal to bow to Peter Keyes and his federal team.



At one point, while working together in the LAPD, Heinemann and Harrigan were good friends.[5] However, when Heinemann was promoted up the ranks of the department, their friendship fell apart over their conflicting opinions and the bureaucracy Heinemann was forced to obey.

The vigilante killings[]

Following a brutal shootout between police and members of the Colombian Scorpions cartel, Heinemann angrily confronted Harrigan and his team over their insubordination regarding orders to stay out of the gang's stronghold. The two ended up in a heated argument in the street, and Harrigan had to be physically restrained from striking Heinemann by his fellow detectives.

Harrigan is later called to Heinemann's office to answer for his continued disobedience in staying out of Peter Keyes' way with regards to the "vigilante killings" taking place in the city. Despite his obvious dislike for Harrigan's violent methods, Heinemann admits to defending him when the Chief of Police threatened to have Harrigan fired from the force, citing his undeniably impressive arrest record, and likely remembering their once close friendship.

After the City Hunter's massacre on the Subway, Heinemann was speaking with the press until Harrigan ran pass him and tried to stop him. He called Captain Pilgrim and ask about what happen in the Subway, Pilgrim told him what happen and that all the victims were armed, much to his surprised.

Behind the Scenes[]

Heinemann actually appears a third time (albeit incredibly briefly) in the movie, at the aftermath of the City Hunter's massacre on the subway — as Harrigan arrives, he barges past Heinemann, who turns to face the camera, presumably about to stop him, a split second before the film cuts to the long shot of Harrigan running for the subway entrance. The scene that was originally supposed to take place between the two shots was evidently cut from the movie.

However, the scene is included in the film's novelization; in it, Heinemann begs Harrigan to help him deal with the press over the LAPD's apparent inability to stop the killer terrorizing the city, and the fact that Keyes' team, whom Heinemann had ensured the police force bowed to, has now disappeared, leaving the LAPD strung out to dry.[6] Harrigan refuses, blowing Heinemann off and leaving him to face the furious press alone. The short scene was supposed to tie into the fact that Heinemann and Harrigan had once been close friends, before Heinemann was promoted and "abandoned" Harrigan; however, that back story was also cut from the finished film.



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