Private Peter O'Neal[1] was a Smartgun operator with the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a search and rescue mission sent to LV-426 aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier.

O'Neal and the other Marines from the Sephora discovered Weyland-Yutani were undertaking extensive research of the Xenomorph species on LV-426, and became the targets of private military contractors hired by Weyland-Yutani to protect that research. The USS Sephora was ultimately destroyed in orbit and O'Neal and the other survivors were forced to take refuge inside the ruins of the Hadley's Hope colony on LV-426.

After finding out what fate awaited Private Bella Clarison, O'Neal volunteered for the suicide mission to save Bella. Although that mission failed with Bella's death, O'Neal and Corporal Christopher Winter were instrumental in the rescue of Corporal Dwayne Hicks. After several more encounters with the Xenomorph menace and Weyland-Yutani PMC forces, O'Neal was among the handful of survivors that escaped on the Resolute.


Early history[]

"We had a sex thing."
O'Neal, talking about his relationship with Bella (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Bella Clarison, whom O'Neal had a relationship with.

Peter O'Neal was born in Newark, New Jersey in 2149. He was recruited for the United States Colonial Marine Corps in 2177. Private O'Neal was top of his training class with top gunner, long distance projectiles and works well under pressure noted in his file. The following year on his first mission; O'Neal and his squad came under heavy fire.[1] At some point, O'Neal had a sexual relationship with Private Bella Clarison.

Investigating Sulaco[]

"Well... We're not dead. So, ya know, there's that."
O'Neal to Winter (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)
Keyes hived

Keyes, who was responsible for the destruction of the Sulaco flight recorder, and stranding Winter and O'Neal.

O'Neal, Paluski, Tolentino, Tanaka, Romerio and Hernandez were sent aboard the USS Sulaco to investigate the ship. While the time was outside the door to the umbilical, an internal explosion occurred aboard the Sulaco, killing Tanaka and wounding Tolentino and Romerio. O'Neal then encountered Corporal Winter after the explosion. Winter ventured further into Sulaco looking for Rhino 2-3, which Bella was a member of.

Winter later returned with Keyes as one of the survivors of Rhino 2-3 with the flight recorder of the Sulaco. O'Neal asked about Bella, who was not with the rest of Rhino 2-3. O'Neal followed Winter, Keyes, and Paluski to the umbilical between the two ships when Keyes collapsed and something burst through his chest. Keyes had armed a grenade in the chaos and blew himself and the umbilical up. O'Neal watched as Paluski was sucked into the vacuum of space and Winter make his way toward the hatch and O'Neal.

O'Neal and Winter made their way through the Sulaco to one of the docking bays where they were attacked by Weyland-Yutani PMC forces. While fighting off groups of PMC forces, O'Neal and Winter found Bella who joined them while making their way to the bridge to disable the Sulaco's turrets from firing on the Sephora.

Personality and Traits[]

"O'Neal. I'm fine. Quit being such a little bitch. "
―Bella adressing O'Neal's concerns.

Private O'Neal had a colorful personality; He worked well under pressure, but also displayed open fear in the face of dangerous situations. He could be very emotional, but also touchy. 

After finding Bella and being informed what fate awaited her, O'Neal made it his mission to remove the parasite from his former lover. After Bella's death, O'Neal became more ruthless towards Weyland-Yutani personnel. He coldly remarked that the scientific staff deserved their fates after the security systems were shut off at the Origin Facility. After rescuing Hicks, O'Neal was furious to find that Captain Jeremy Cruz knew Bella was doomed but sent them to the facility regardless. On the other hand he was forgiving towards Reid, though she had objected to rescuing him while fighting the Raven. Even after losing respect and trust for his superiors, O'Neal still begrudgingly followed his orders. His emotional side was fully displayed when confronting Michael Weyland's double


O'Neal with Smart Gun

O'Neal with his M56 Smartgun.

O'Neal wielded a variety of weapons. Though he was always equipped with a TNR Shoulder Lamp, M56 combat harness and Head Mounted Sight, he used an M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 on the Sulaco to fight Xenomorphs and PMC forces on the ship. On the surface of Acheron, O'Neal used an M56 Smartgun as his primary weapon. He also carried a M4A3 Service Pistol as a sidearm, which was used by O'Neal and Cpl. Hicks to destroy the synthetic double of Weyland-Yutani employee Michael Weyland.


  • O'Neal is nicknamed "Nugget" by those around him, implying he is a rookie soldier.



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