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"It's a Pauling MedPod. They only made a dozen of these."
Shaw to Holloway regarding the MedPod in Vickers' Life Boat (from Prometheus)

A Pauling MedPod.

The Pauling MedPod 720i (variously: Med-Pod,[1] Med Pod[2]) was a piece of medical equipment performing bypass surgery developed by Weyland Corp that met with FDA approval. At the time of its introduction, the MedPod was an expensive piece of hardware, proving to be the most advanced unit and came equipped with the latest in medical science technology. The MedPod was manufactured by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation after Weyland merged with the Yutani Corporation.


The MedPod 720i's features included an Airtight Operating Shield, Comfortable Limb Restraints, a Laser Scalpel, Computer Controlled Robotic Surgical Arms, Liquid Spray Anesthetic and Vital Signs Sensors, all mounted on an Adjustable Titanium Base. The MedPod allowed users to diagnose, treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures with ultra-fine laser incisions that were guided by 3D anatomical scanning. Such procedures included diagnosis, treatment of infection through concentrated antibiotic injections, basic wound repair, appendectomy, laparoscopic ablation and Cesarean section. Dozens of such units had been manufactured and deployed in the field by Weyland Corp for practical testing. Supposedly only a dozen MedPods were actually made until Weyland-Yutani began remaking them.


The MedPod 720i was patented on September 2, 2061, earning Weyland Corp patent number 16,572,092 for Method and Apparatus for the first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station. Sometime between 2061 and June 30th 2070 the MedPod earned FDA approval and by June 30th, 2070 one dozen had been produced with tens of thousands on back order. For unknown reasons, only the dozen were made for a long time, with one calibrated for males being owned by Meredith Vickers. Meredith Vickers had her MedPod installed into her FTL Lifeboat aboard the USCSS Prometheus and it was presumably destroyed along with the Prometheus when the ship rammed the Juggernaut on LV-223 in 2093. After the destruction of Vickers' MedPod at most only eleven were in existence until the MedPod's reintroduction.

By 2159, Weyland-Yutani, which was created when Weyland Corp and the Yutani Corporation merged, began manufacturing more MedPods, although it is unknown if these differed from the earlier version manufactured by Weyland Corp. One of these was aboard the DSMO Marion in 2159.


  • Strangely, although it is simply referred to as the "MedPod 720i" everywhere else, in Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw calls it the "Pauling MedPod" and the holographic display inside the MedPod calls it the "Pauling Med-Pod". What exactly "Pauling" means is unknown.
  • A device with a similar name and function appeared in the 2013 film Elysium, called the "Med-Pod 3000".[3] Coincidentally, Elysium was directed by Neill Blomkamp, who was due to direct the now cancelled Alien 5.



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