Patrick Massey was a mercenary and assassin active on Earth in the 2190's. By 2192, Massey was contracted by the Lasalle Bionational as an "Executive Assistant of Security" and regularly dealt with people that could cause harm to the company. He was contracted to deal with some "competition" with the Terran government regarding a creature that was to be used as a new weapons system.

Early History

Patrick Massey was born some time in the 22nd century. By age nine, Massey had murdered his mother and father; it is unknown what happened to him after that or even if he was suspected of the murders. Sometime in his young adulthood, Massey earned a MBA degree from New Harvard and a doctorate in corporate law at Cornell.


Pat Massey spent sometime in the Corps prior to working for Bionational.

Eventually, Massey signed on to the Colonial Marines strictly for his love of killing. During one mission, he knocked out his CO for hesitating an attack on a civilian outpost that may have had enemy sympathizers. Personally leading the attack, Massey was responsible for killing eighty-five men, women and children and rumored to have dispatched half of those people personally. Instead of being punished through a court-martial, the tribunal was bought off by Lasalle Bionational, who saw his potential.

Sometime during this time, Massey met a woman named Marla, whom he married and had a son with in 2186.

Working for Bionational

During his time at Bionational, Massey's employers had a C9 Capsule implanted in his head should he ever decide to go rouge. Massey being the opportunist that he was, caught on to his employer's game had the capsule removed and managed to implant it in the man that was tailing him with the detonator. Sometime in early 2192, Massey was contacted by Red and Green regarding an interference mission against one of Bionational competitors: the Terran Government. The sensitive information was sent by an incompetent tech to his personal terminal at his home.

Unfortunately for his wife and son, they stumbled across the corporate secrets that Massey was given regarding his mission. His wife confronted him on the specifics on the sensitive information and Massey responded by snapping the necks of both his son and wife. Massey then covered up the double murder with his contacts in the local police and set it up as a robbery gone bad. Massey then played the part of grieving father and husband during this time but mused to himself that it was one less woman and child. Massey then professionally dealt with the incompetent tech, making it quick like any other job, which spooked his employers on his sociopathic mindset.

The Benedict

On April 5th, 2192 at 900 hours, Massey departed with several EXP-Series combat androids on the vessel K-014 pursuing the Government ship The Benedict. After about nine months of pursuit, Massey's vessel caught up to The Benedict and proceeded to dock with the Government's ship. Massey's androids received little resistance from the Platoon of Marines stationed on the vessel due to the sabotage of their commanding officer Colonel Stephens.

Upon docking, Massey was greeted by the turncoat Stephens and his prisoner Sergeant Wilks. Stephens told Massey that he held up his end of the bargain and now demanded the corporate thug to do the same. Massey refused and shot Stephens in the chest stating that he couldn't trust a commanding officer that betrayed his own troops. Massey then had the captured Marines suit up in combat gear and sent them to the surface to be used as bait to the local xenomorph hive with his armed androids in air pods forcing the Platoon in the hive.

Keeping the captive Seargent with him, Massey moved to The Benedict's comm room and monitored the progress planet side. The Sergeant made an attempt to overpower Massey and failed when Massey struck and subdued Wilks. Little did Massey know about Wilks' plus one to the roster or the fact that she was loose on the ship taking out his synthetic patrols and arming herself. As Massey was once again listening in to the complications his disposable troops ran into, the stowaway told Massey to drop his weapons. Massey complied while Wilks pleaded to the young woman to kill the intruder. Billie, who was distracted by Wilks' yelling, gave Massey a necessary opening to disarm the girl. The scuffle quickly escalated when Wilks joined the fray and Massey was shot in the shoulder. Not willing to go out without taking his opponents with him Massey attempted to arm a grenade as a suicide tactic, aiming to kill everyone left in the room whilst taunting Billie about her hesitation. Billie proved him wrong, however, and shot the sociopath, killing him.



  1. The journey out was about nine months, Massey left Earth on April 5th, 2192.
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