Patrice Riegert, a former Captain of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, had this account to relate -

"I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been there. We dropped screaming onto Cristóbal, capturing the spaceport and shield colony and spreading out into the countryside. By nightfall we held half the continent out to the gulf stream. We all felt so studly with our armor and firepower. Psyops broadcast to everyone that Hetos was a schmuck and a crook and that we were here to nail his ass, like we were no more than some simple shamus come around the block to slap the cuffs on a persistent offender. We had some tiny contingents of Panamanians and Argentines with us to wave the UA flag and yell at anyone who'd listen that this was a joint op, legally enacted under the provisions of the Washington Treaty. A lot of people bought that one, just like they bought Space Command's estimate of 254 locals dead. Meanwhile, the cadavers of five hundred colonial militiamen and over fifteen hundred civilians were being bulldozed by USCM engineers into mass graves and seeded with vicious bacterias designed to turn them into pools of goo.
"Nobody at home gave a damn. No one even asked who was accountable. Media coverage was limited to the four Marines who came home in boxes draped with Old Glory, and some form-letter UAAC announcement about the 'restoration of public order'. Meanwhile, the AmArc corporate suits who'd rode shotgun on the assault quietly secured the wellheads and then ordered us to bust the worker's strike with CS gas and baton rounds. We complied.
"Three months after the mission, AmArc announced a record share dividend. On that day I resigned my commission."[1]



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