Crewman Parks was a member of the taskforce aboard the USS Benedict sent to the Xenomorph "homeworld" to acquire a specimen for the Terran Government in 2192.


After nine months of hypersleep, the crew was taken hostage by pirate forces and sent to the surface of the hostile world to be "baby food" to the local Xenomorphs. Parks was taken by the creatures and hived, but not impregnated like his colleagues. He was rescued by the surviving members of Squad One, before he could be impregnated. Unable to speak due to shock, but still able to move under his own power, Parks made it back to the spare dropship that was brought in by Sergeant Wilks.

After surviving the events on the surface, Parks and the other four survivors went to hypersleep for the nine month journey back to Earth. Unbeknownst to the crew, a massive, planet-wide infestation of Xenomorphs was toppling Earth's societies and largely forcing humanity from their home.

When the five awoke, Parks and the others checked up on the transmissions from Earth just learning of what happened in their year-and-a-half absence. 

The crew was ordered to land the ship at a secured location on the surface, and when they landed they were greeted by armed Marines leveling their weapons on the crew. A general stepped forward informing the five survivors of the current situation on Earth and that he was commandeering the Benedict for his evacuation stating he had his "orders". He stated that the fortified position was one of the last few safe places on Earth and that it only take anywhere form a few hours to a day for the base to fall. The general stated that he had rigged the place to blow when he left.

Parks then asked what would happen to them and just got a half hearted apology from the officer who then ordered his men onto the Benedict. The survivors started to protest being left to their doom and the general drew his sidearm. Blake, one of the Benedict's Marines, blocked the general's line of fire at the humans and took two shots square in the chest before dying. Wilks then killed the General by striking him in the head and Parks ran away screaming. It is unknown if the invading Xenomorphs killed Parks or if he was caught in the nuclear explosion.


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