Park was a crewmember aboard the fuel depot Sphacteria orbiting the gas giant Pylos. She was one of the crewmembers to suddenly be under a Xenomorph infestation after encountering a mysterious vessel.


The vessel

An unknown vessel is seen by the crew of the Sphacteria approaching the ship. Although Rook suggests that "nobody's home", Park identifies that the ship contains Hypersleep chambers and that the crew may still be asleep. She also points out that the ship is an old company freighter sold at auction to a private buyer.

Captain Hassan tells the others that they'll take their shuttle to investigate.

The crew board the ship and explore its interior, eventually leading them to a hypersleep chamber, with three humans in cryosleep. Hassan wishes to open them up and after Wascylewski tinkers with the system, tells Park to flip the switch. However, something goes awry. The coolant tank breaks and the chambers begin violently overheating, burning the members in stasis alive. The crew manage to break open the pods and evacuate the victims back into the Sphacteria, where Park and medic Harrow begin attempting to treat them. Park is seen restraining the distraught and convulsing female passenger whilst Harrow manages to sedate her. Park hushes the patient to sleep as Wassy, Hassan and Torrenson awkwardly look on. The others leave as Harrow and Park stay with the sedated patients.

Later, the two male patients, despite sedation, jump back to life and begin seizing again, Harrow and Park attempt to hold them down as best they can. The whole crew rushes down to help but a Chestburster erupts out of a patients chest. As Park and the rest of the crew are too horrified to react, a second Chestburster emerges out of the other patient next to Park. Park and the others stare in silence as the infant Aliens escape into the depths of the ships, too shocked to react to what they just saw.


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