The Parameter Uplink Spectagraph[1] (or Spectograph[2]), commonly abbreviated to simply Spectagraph or PUPS,[1] was an automated, orb-shaped three-dimensional mapping device developed by Weyland Corp as the next generation piece of equipment for geologists and engineers. Its purpose was surveying unknown planetary terrain during the pre-terraforming process. This was achieved through an omni-directional laser that created a live 3D map topography along with detailed scanned images being sent to a viewing platform. The shell was composed of a new hyper-conducting material that allowed for smooth self-propelled flight in any atmosphere. A polymer film bio-sensor was used to detect airborne toxins and lifeforms down to 500 nanometers.


In Aliens: Colonial Marines, players come across Spectagraphs twice when they are back inside the derelict ship for the second time, suggesting that the devices may have become standard geological Weyland-Yutani equipment by 2179.

In Stasis Interrupted, players come across Spectagraphs three times while inside the natural cave under Origin Facility while playing as Rick Levy.



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