Paluski was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps from the USS Sephora who boarded the USS Sulaco with Peter O'Neal and several other Marines. Paluski survived the explosion aboard the Sulaco and was trying to revive the injured Marines when Corporal Winter, also from the Sephora, boarded the Sulaco via the umbilical.

Not seen for a period of time, Paluski is later seen along with O'Neal and several other Marines when Winter and fellow Marine Keyes regroup with them.

Shortly afterward, the group located a dropship they could use to escape. Suddenly, a pack of Xenomorphs ambushed the Marines. Paluski would then witness the destruction of the dropship when Keyes threw a grenade at it while trying to kill the Xenomorphs.

After holding off the Xenomorphs and suffering several casualties, the remaining members of the team - now reduced to Winter, O'Neal, Keyes and Paluski himself - managed to escape through an airlock and walked into the umbilical.

Suddenly, Keyes began clutching his chest in pain as a Chestburster inside him began to hatch. In a last-ditch effort to end his own suffering, Keyes pulled out a hand grenade and detonated it, killing himself and destroying the umbilical. The blast also threw Paluski and Winter across the room, though they managed to save themselves from being pulled away by the vacuums of space by grabbing the umbilical.

As Paluski struggled to get a better grip, he slipped and was thrown out to space, where he perished, killed either by debris or by exposure to the vacuums of space.


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