"They're her chosen few. They're trying to protect her."
Ripley (from Aliens: Female War)

A Palatine is a Xenomorph that resembles a Queen-sized Praetorian or Drone. They are the Queen Mother's personal guard and are only native to Xenomorph Prime.



Palatines appear similar to Drones but are much larger with the addition of having extra features around their body, such as spines on either side of their heads. Some even possess tusks. They reside in five large, egg-shaped pods that surround the Queen Mother's chamber, implying that only a select few Palatines can be present at a time.

Palatines are extremely aggressive in nature. However, they only truly take any action in times when the Queen Mother's safety is critically endangered. The Palatines are also strong enough to destroy a P-5000 Powered Work Loader and seem to possess a greater resilience to physical damage.

The Palatines as seen in the Aliens: Genocide comic are far smaller in size than the aforementioned incarnations.



See also

  • Praetorian - A similar albeit smaller Xenomorph that also acts as a guard for higher-ranking Xenomorphs.
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