A large pack of unblooded warriors, from Prey.

"Training young males was tiring and Vk'leita relished any time away from them..."
―Vk'leita, exasperated at his Pack Leader duties

A Pack or Hunting Party is a small party of Yautja on a hunting Expedition. They are distinct from a Clan in that they operate in fewer numbers. Usually, there are just three individuals per hunt, as observed in Predators and Alien vs. Predator.

The leader of a Pack is called a Hunting Captain or Alpha Male. Sometimes they are simply referred to as Leader in the case of a class of un-blooded.


Packs of predators are contingents of a Clan sent to a planet to practice hunting so they can become a seasoned Predator like Jungle Hunter or City Hunter. Yautja, although a part of the same pack, do not appear to hunt one prey item cooperatively unless taking down particularly dangerous beings such as a Queen Alien or the legendary clan-killing Gro'tye. In those situations, the rules of the hunt can be suspended.[1] They appear to intercede very little on the part of their fellow hunters, even when in close proximity to them or when death for that hunter is likely and imminent.

A pack of youngbloods in Aliens vs. Predator

However, once death has occurred, many Yautja seeks vengeance on behalf of their deceased clanmates. This vengeance isn't entirely personal. Once something has proven itself capable of killing a hunter, other hunters become very interested in that person.[2] This is linked with the view that saving a hunter from a powerful assailant is robbing them of an honorable death, something that is very insulting to the rescued predator and worthy of ridicule by his peers.[3]

Unblooded Packs


Unblooded quarters are shared.

Unblooded packs are unique among the typical three-hunter party. Chiefly, they are much larger, containing 15-40 individuals which are overseen by a Leader and two Adjutants. In teaching sessions, to be relegated to the middle or back of the pack is an insult, as those are the most protected areas. Once these hunters advance to Young Blood rank, they hunt in much more personalized groups of three, seldom more; however, packs of five have also been recorded.[4]

Known Packs


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