PCW9512 was a backwater planet orbiting the star NN3293 in the Far Reach of the Frontier. It was picked out for the ship Nova Maru to drop its cargo and create a new hive world for the Maru's Demons.

Geographical Features[]

The planet is covered in water aside from the single island located on the planets surface.

Terrain and Climate[]

PCW9512 is rather tropical in climate usually warm during the day while nights can grow cold if near the water due to the temperature drop near a large body of water. The island is also covered in trees and grass similar to Earth's. Outside of the island there is nothing more than water on all sides.


  • Apetoids
  • Pteras


Due to the planet's status as a backwater planet, it was chosen as a hive world for a reserve batch of Xenomorphs. Since its indigenous species are fast in terms of breeding, the Xenomorphs could grow at a fast rate with no need for a more populated planet. Upon discovering this plot Selkirk activated the emergency destruct system aboard the ship, wiping out everything.