Oswoc are creatures native to LV-742.


Oswoc are large creatures, standing roughly the same height as a Drone at the shoulders. They have thick, rectangular bodies, short stubby tails that are nearly indistinguishable from their torsos, and similarly stubby limbs. They are slow moving and lack any sort of natural weapons. Oswocs are bovine-esque; they even 'moo', though the sound isn't precisely like a cow's 'moo'.


Oswoc are easy to take advantage of in-game. They are completely non-aggressive: They won't follow and attack like a Kriltic will and won't defend themselves or gang up on an enemy when attacked, like a Kurn. They prefer to run away, a futile attempt considering how large and slow they are.

Alien Infestation

When impregnated by a Facehugger, Oswoc will bring forth one or two Xenomorphs that will grow to be Drones.



  • They resemble Rhynth. Xenomorphs even use them for the same purpose: breeding.