Oryza was an agricultural colony, growing crops including rice. The planet had two moons visible in the night sky.[1]

The Mondo Pest company responded to a distress call sent by colony leader Dr. Kelly Ann Paige, who had learned of a Xenomorph infestation on the world. Despite having been shot down by the colony's automated air defense system, self-employed exterminator Herk Mondo would eventually locate the Xenomorph Hive in a cave pit near Old Man Radowski's place.[1]

Herk, along with a group of colonists, attacked the Hive but failed to eliminate the Xenomorphs. Two colonists were apparently killed in the attack, while Mondo lost his arm. The angered Xenomorphs would go on to attack the colony, killing or abducting colony surveyor Simon Plowright among others.[1]

On second inspection, Herk Mondo located a man-made Ovomorph farm structure in the cave, revealing the infestation was a plot by Plowright to get rid of the farming colony so a profit could be made from the natural magnesium in the cave.[1]



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