Olsen[3] was a military technician stationed aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga.


When the Cloned Xenomorphs escaped confinement aboard the Auriga, Olsen made for the emergency escape pods; he was the last person to board the second pod. Unfortunately, before the pod could launch, a Xenomorph climbed inside, brutally attacking and killing the soldiers strapped into their seats within. Olsen managed to free himself and began climbing out of the access hatch, but before he could escape he was dragged back inside the pod and killed.

Personality and Traits

Olsen was considered to be a laggard among his peers.[3] Typifying his personality, he was the last man to arrive at the Auriga's escape pods during the ship's evacuation.


  • Olsen is never named in the film; his name is taken from the novelization.



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