Ol' Blue is a Xenomorph Drone regularly used as a bloodhound by MedTech.



Ol' Blue was used by Philip Rice and his team to track a missing egg which was stolen by Ahiro, a procurer from Synsound. During the mission, Blue had crushed an addict and a drug dealer to death while tracking the missing egg, the security team realized why, the two victims were dealing Xeno-Zip, which was taken from a rival hive causing Blue to become highly violent. Blue successfully leads the team to the lab where the stolen egg was taken but they realize it had already hatched. They place Blue in Mozart's cage while they deal with the threat. The team eventually kills Ahiro and Mozart, ending the threat.



  • Ol'Blue is one of the few cases where a Xenomorph is used successfully as a tool of mankind without it turning on its handlers as Xenomorphs have frequently been known and expected to do.
  • Alongside Mozart, Blue is abnormally large for a typical Drone, appearing well over 7 feet tall and possibly being even taller than the Sevastopol Drone.


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