"The laws of Earth stretch beyond the Sol."
―Colonial Marshals motto

The Office of the Colonial Marshals (OCM),[1] commonly known as the Colonial Marshals, was a law enforcement agency responsible for the policing of human populations on extraterrestrial colonies and space stations. All major Marshal offices had an ICC agent attached to them. The Marshals also worked in conjunction with US Federal agencies. Originally the Colonial Marshals were founded as the law enforcement arm of the United Americas Colonial Administration.

Sevastopol Station had a Colonial Marshal presence, with its headquarters in the Solomons Habitation Tower. Anchorpoint Station also had a Colonial Marshal presence.


Before the horrific events that took place on Sevastopol in 2137, the Colonial Marshals alongside Seegson Security were in charge of keeping the peace on Sevastopol Station with several outposts on the station of varying size and importance. While most offices were simply a lock-up area the central area of the Colonial Marshals was the Bureau.

Keeping order[]

Before the incident that occurred at Sevastopol Station, the Colonial Marshals were already struggling to maintain order as the decommissioning of the station was already making things shaky on board. Some marshals were blackmailed or bribed by people. One specifically being B. Ransome, a Seegson Executive on board the station who paid several unidentified members of the Colonial Marshals to keep him up to date on happenings that were not open to the public. A restriction on resources on the station, and refusal to answer questions about the rumors of a monster aboard the station (which eventually ended in the sound of a gunshot) caused the Colonial Marshals to lose what little respect people on board had for them. By the events of the Xenomorph outbreak the Colonial Marshals were thinned out and barely maintaining, if at all, any order. By the time Amanda Ripley arrived the only known presence of the Colonial Marshals was in the station's Bureau, where Marshal Waits and Deputy Ricardo were the only known members of the Marshals left.

Notable Members[]

Sevastopol Station[]

Jackson's Landing, Lethe (As of early 2198)[]

  • Marshal Henry Fredrickson

Weapons and equipment[]