The Octo-Facehugger.

The Octo-Facehugger was a Xenomorph creature cut from Prometheus early in its production. In Jon Spaihts' original script, titled Alien: Engineers, it was an Octo-Facehugger that impregnated Holloway with an embryo, which later hatched into the Beluga-Xenomorph. The Octo-Facehugger was entirely written out of the finished film.


The Octo-Facehuggers are found inside the Engineer temple on LV-426 by Holloway, contained within molluscoid, egg-like sacs found inside honeycomb-like recesses on the ceiling of a large chamber. One of the creatures subdues and impregnates Holloway. Jocelyn Watts later finds the chamber where the Octo-Facehuggers are held, although she flees before rousing any of them.[1]


The sacs containing the Octo-Facehuggers open when they detect movements, and the creature within descends onto its prey on a long strand of mucus. They latch onto the victim's face and impregnated them with a Beluga-Xenomorph embryo, before detaching and dying, like a Facehugger.[1] They are capable of secreting acid to melt through any helmet or other obstruction the victim may be wearing, again like a Facehugger.


  • The Octo-Facehugger is implied in Spaihts' script to be the 'original' form of the Xenomorph, while the Facehuggers seen in the earlier films (and later in the script) are a 'weaponized' version of it, modified and improved by the Engineers.[1]
  • The Octo-Facehugger is very similar to the Flood Infection Form from the Halo series (which was likely inspired by the standard Facehugger) and it might have been inspired by the Infection Form.



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