The Nova Maru was a space freighter registered to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It was sent to the planet PCW9512, where it was intended to release the Xenomorphs it was carrying onto the surface while the crew remained in the ship's shuttle. However, Stutz, one of the crew members, accidentally deactivated the stasis fields, resulting in them failing and the ship crash landing on the planet.

The Xenomorphs escaped the wreckage and began forming a Hive on PCW9512. This, however, was destroyed when Selkirk, the only survivor at the time, activated the ship's self destruct system.


  • Foss — Captain (Deceased)
  • Dean — First Officer (Deactivated)
  • Selkirk — Cook (Deceased)
  • Stutz (Deceased)
  • Lee (Deceased)
  • Boyd (Deceased)


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