"Jesus, Stan. He keeps getting better. It's all I can do to stay ahead of him anymore."
"XL1 does seem to have all the characteristics we're looking for.
Julian Lish and Dr. Stanislaw Mayakovsky (from Aliens: Harvest)

XL1, nicknamed "Norbert" by Julian Lish, also known as the Mayakovsky prototype, was a synthetic replica of a Xenomorph, designed to infiltrate an organic alien hive.


Original prototype[]

The idea for XL1 ultimately came to fruition when Julian Lish approached Dr. Mayakovsky with plans to infiltrate a Xenomorph hive and harvest Royal Jelly from a newly discovered cache of the transformative substance on a Grant Corporation-held hive world.

Dr. Mayakovsky's most famous book, Cyberantics, chronicles the journey of a cybernetic ant named Ari that he created to infiltrate an ant colony. Julie, being a fan of Dr. Mayakovsky's work, proposed that they do something similar, and together, they engineered a synthetic Xenomprph to infiltrate the alien hive.

Modeled after Ari, the cybernetic ant, XL1 was equipped with artificial pheromone secreters to help it avoid detection. Mayakovsky would also use this same technology when designing an inhibitor device.

Later iterations[]

Years later, Caspar Nordling, inspired by Dr. Mayakovsky's prototypes, would explore pheromone secretion technology to build a more advanced and substantially modified Synthetic Xenomorph called Jeri.


  • XL1 was designed with the priority override code, Myrmidon. In ancient Greece, the Myrmidons were the soldiers commanded by Achilles. According to Webster's dictionary, a myrmidon is a follower or subordinate of a powerful person, typically one who is unscrupulous or carries out orders unquestioningly.