The Noose is a Yautja weapon used primarily in Alien vs. Predator, although it is only seen briefly and is only deployed once. It is also seen being used by Scarface in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle.


When used in the dark, the wire-thin Noose is almost impossible to see. The material is slim but strong, able to hold the weight of an adult human as it yanks them up. It also constricts around the throat in such a way that the victim cannot produce any noise, allowing Yautjas to pick off stragglers in a group with utmost stealth. In Alien vs. Predator, the mercenary Stone was dispatched by Scar using this weapon, and it appears as though the Yautja's cloaking device extends to the noose as well. However, whether this is the case or if the noose is nearly invisible to begin with is unknown.

Other Uses

While used on live victims, the Noose has been seen used on dead victims as well. Yautja's have a tendency to hang what they kill upside down by the feet, typically after skinning them alive. This appears prominently in post-kill cinematics in Predator: Concrete Jungle, and has been used by many other Yautjas who have skinned their victims, though the noose itself is not always visible.




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