"This is my formula. Incorporating the DNA taken from this strange alien skull."
―Dr. Reinstöt (from Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Splice and Dice)

Doctor Niels Reinstöt is a self proclaimed geneticist who specializes in gene-splicing and DNA fusion. His work centered around creating genetically mutated animal soldiers until he came across an alien skull and started incorporating its DNA into his experiments.



Dr. Niels Reinstöt is a gene-splicing, mad-scientist from Mega-City One. Prior to his interaction with any Aliens and Predators, Dr. Reinstöt once claimed he was with Mega-City One's Department of Disease Eradication, and informed City Orphanage BD36-30 that each orphan was to receive a mandatory vaccination against Rad-pox. Instead, what Dr. Reinstöt actually injected them with was some sort of DNA Fuser, an experiment he later touted as a success.

When the Judges caught wind of this dangerous gene-splicing stunt, Dr. Reinstöt took a child hostage, threatening to kill him and the rest of Mega-City One. Judge Dredd found and executed Dr. Reinstöt in time to save the child. It wasn't until Dr. Reinstöt's return five years later when Dredd found out the Dr. Reinstöt he sentenced to death was actually just a decoy--a "poor chump" who Dr. Reinstöt infused his own DNA with, and administered a high-enough dose of Psycaine to ensure he'd have a homicidal reaction, giving the real Dr. enough time to make his getaway.


Creates Ani-Men via gene-splicing and a Predalien and Ani-Men Xenomorphs with facehuggers and joins forces with Archbishop Emoji.

Reinstöt transforms into a human/spider/Xenomorph Queen tribrid after injecting himself with a concoction of Xenomorph DNA he extracted from the skull.
Queen mega city one 3

Dr. Niels Reinstöt/Queen (Mega-City One)



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