Nick was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Nick was killed by a Xenomorph in the town's swimming baths.


Nick was one of Dale Collins's friends, alongside Mark. Nick was first seen in the house where Ricky Howard was delivering pizza. Moments later, Nick, Mark, and Dale attacked Ricky and threw his keys down into the sewers.

When Dale, Mark, and Nick confronted Ricky at the swimming pool, Ricky knocked all three of them into the pool before a Xenomorph attacked. Nick escaped the pool with everyone but Mark, and they tried to escape through the window. Nick was the last to go through the window, but the Xenomorph pulled him back (despite Ricky's attempts to save him) and stabbed him in the heart, presumably with its tail.

Afterwards, the Xenomorph dragged Nick's corpse back to the pool and began eating it, until Wolf killed it, and dissolved both its corpse and Nick's in the pool with Dissolving Liquid.



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