Neonopolis, originally known as New Way City and nicknamed the City of Light, was a major metropolitan city located on the planet Earth, somewhere in the United States. In 2030, Neonopolis was visited by a Predator known as Scarface, who sought to redeem himself for allowing the city's rulers access to his technology 100 years previously.[1]


New Way City

The city was originally named New Way City, and by 1930 was the base of operations for the Borgia crime family, headed by Bruno Borgia.[1] The city was almost entirely destroyed that year when a Yautja hunting Bruno was badly wounded whilst attempting to escape the city. In an attempt to commit honorable suicide, the Predator, who would come to be known as Scarface, activated the Self-Destruct Device on his ship. The subsequent explosion levelled most of the city.


The city was subsequently rebuilt by Bruno's wife, Isabella Borgia, and later her son Hunter, who had been no more than an infant at the time of the original settlement's destruction. In the reconstruction, the Borgias used Yautja technology Scarface had left behind to turn the ruins of New Way City into a glittering metropolis. Isabella and Hunter soon also discovered that their life spans had been dramatically extended as a side-effect of their contact with Scarface's blood in 1930. Isabella eventually put herself into a stasis-like state and connected her consciousness to a massive computer network, becoming MOTHER, a sentient system in charge of all the computers in the city, now renamed Neonopolis.[1] Hunter became an industrial mogul, opening business relations with both Weyland Industries and the Yutani Corporation. Hunter soon had a daughter of his own, Lucretia, who would grow up to be just as successful as her father.


Neonopolis became a bustling coastal metropolis, with several heavily populated areas turned into beautiful urban residences. These urban districts were located over the water off the coast of the mainland, constructed on large platforms that sat atop tall stilts rising from the seabed. However, in the suburbs located on the mainland, gangs dominated and citizens were forced to live in fear. Deeper inside the city were entire areas that had never been rebuilt following the destruction of New Way City. These areas became a haven for homeless people and those on the run from the authorities.

As Neonopolis grew, it earned the nickname the "City of Light" from the rest of the world. However, several gangs and mafia families used Neonopolis as a base for their illicit activities, turning the smaller neighborhoods into turf battlefields. Lucretia eventually assumed control of the gangs, forcing them to pay tribute to her. However, the battles between individual street gangs raged on, making even going out in broad daylight dangerous for innocent civilians.

In 2030, Scarface returned to the city to reclaim the technology he had left behind a generation ago and thereby earn forgiveness in the eyes of his clan, who had banished him for his failures.[1] Scarface began by targeting the street gangs, leaving their flayed corpses hanging from billboards throughout the city, sparking fear in both the criminals and citizens of Neonopolis. After raiding a Borgia depot, Scarface was captured by Lucretia Borgia. However, he escaped and killed both MOTHER and a genetically enhanced Hunter Borgia, leaving the "City of Light" without a leader.

Weyland Industries stepped into the power vacuum, acquiring Borgia Industries in a hostile takeover and effectively taking control of the city with a badly wounded Lucretia Borgia, who was turned into a new MOTHER computer.[1]




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