Myssa 340, was a remote former colony world and the third planet of the 78 Nu Ceti System, located approximately 72.59 light years Rimward from Earth.[1]


The planet was discovered in the late 2070s, and terraformed by Weyland Corp around 2084; however, ten years later after Peter Weyland's death, Weyland Corp stocks crashed and the project was abandoned, with any progress made by the colony's atmosphere processor failing to take and the air on Myssa 340 becoming highly toxic. In the 2120s, the United States Colonial Marine Corps posted one of its remotest garrisons, Tanburro Station, in orbit.[2]

Climate and terrain[]

As of 2184, Myssa 340's atmosphere was toxic and corrosive to humans, with the planet being subject to violent lightning storms.[2] The terrain was mostly shaped by cooled lava fields and dormant volcanoes.[2]


Key resources on Myssa 340 included magnesium, iron, and obsidian.[2]

Points of interest[]

Only the century old derelict Weyland colony and the abandoned Weyland atmospheric processor remained on the planet.[2]