Motorhead #1, also referred to as Motorhead vs. Predator on account of its storyline, is an issue of the comic book series Motorhead featuring the Predator that was published by Dark Horse Comics in August 1995. It was written by D. G. Chichester, illustrated by Karl Waller, inked by Tim Bradstreet, colored by Jim Sinclair, lettered by Clem Robins and edited by Greg Vest, with cover art by Simon Bisley.

Motorhead #1 was a part of the Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack! comic book crossover event, in which several of Dark Horse's home-grown characters from its Dark Horse Heroes line were hunted by a band of Predators visiting Earth in search of exceptional prey.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, Motorhead #1 was preceded by Batman versus Predator II: Bloodmatch, published concurrently with Superman vs. Aliens, Ghost: Trophy Ghost and X: Comeback, and was followed by Agents of Law #6 and X: Hell Night.

Publisher's Summary

Embrace brutality, relish absurdity, and never try to hide your warts. Motorhead is back in his own ongoing series! Writer D. G. Chichester promises this will be "the most bizarre, exciting, and frightening superhero series you've ever read," but only if Motor makes it through the first issue! A Predator has landed in Steel Harbor, and he's looking for big game. This Predator collects heads, and he's never seen one quite like Motorhead!

Reprint History

Motorhead #1 has never been collected or reissued.

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