"I am at peace in knowing the final death on this trail of destruction will be the most deserved - it will be my own."
Mombasa (from Moments of Extraction)

Mombassa was a death squad officer in the Revolutionary United Front who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Mombasa was second to be killed by the Super Predators in an ambush when the group stumbled into their hunting camp.


Early Life and Capture[]

"Wound one man. Make him suffer. Make him bleed. Make him call out for help, then set a trap and kill those who come. I know because I have done this."
Mombasa (from Predators)

A young Mombasa, from Moments of Extraction.

Mombasa grew up without knowing his parents, as he was told that his father was a figther and his mother was a child bride. He was born the same day she died and was raised by his sister in refugee camps. Mombasa became a child-soldier at age seven, although he also claimed he had become one as early as three after watching his sister die.[3] He had killed his first man at age nine.[4]

He would go on to become a death squad officer for the RUF, and was responsible for many reprehensible war-crimes, among them being the torture of non-combatants, including women and children.[3]

In the year 2010, Mombasa partook in a raid with fellow revolutionaries on a village in Makali, Sierra Leone. During the slaughter, he was attacked by a young boy with a machete. Mombasa hesitated after seeing himself in the child, before promptly gunning him down. Mombasa reflected that he knew he deserved death, and was at peace with the fate that he deserved. He was suddenly captured by the Super Predators[4] and transported to the Game Preserve Planet.[2] He was later reported as missing.[3]


"They take trophies. In my culture, the warrior with the greatest trophies commands the most respect."
Mombasa (from Predators)

Upon landing on the Game Preserve Planet, he would go on to encounter convicted serial killer Walter Stans. The two engaged in a brawl,[2] presumably started by Stans.[5] Just as Stans had the upper-hand, their fight was broken up after they encountered a group of fellow castaways led by Royce. Valuing strength in numbers, Mombasa and Stans joined them.[2]

The group would go on to encounter a strange altar with skulls, with Mombasa likening them to trophies, a reflection of his culture. He also speculated that they were in some kind of afterlife.[2]

Upon discovering that the group were on an alien planet, Stans later began complaining about the lack of a gun. He suddenly lunged at Mombasa and held his shiv to his throat, demanding that he give him his AKM. Mombasa responded by putting a Colt M1911 to his jaw, citing that he is ready to die. Suddenly, the group were attacked by deadly quadrapeds known as Hell-Hounds. Mombasa subsequently saved Stans from being killed after one of the creatures pounced on him, kicking the hound over and gunning it down. The attack led Royce to conclude that the group were being hunted. They subsequently come across Cuchillo weakly calling for help, his back slumped to the group. After Royce concluded that it was a trap, Mombasa cited that he and his men would use similar tactics of making a man suffer to lure out their comrades.[2]


"A man's dead because of that."
"This morning you were ready to kill him."
"Well, it ain't this goddamn morning, is it?
Stans and Royce (from Predators)

Mombasa's death.

Mombasa and the group continued onwards and came across a campsite with a captive Predator bound to a monolith. Suddenly, Mombasa was shot by several small projectiles coming from the ground that expanded within his body, impaling and raising him into the air and eventually killing him.[2]


After the crew had escaped from the attack, Stans berated Royce for using the group as bait to lure the hunters out, resulting in Mombasa's death.[2] Later when Berserker dragged Isabelle and Edwin back to the hunting camp in the net, Mombasa's decapitated head was seen lying nearby.[6]

When Isabelle Nissenbaum managed to leave the Game Preserve Planet and return to Earth, she reported that of the eight people, all proven killers, she was one of two who escaped.[7]

Personality and Traits[]

"I have been a killer for so long, that I have forgotten what it means to be human."
Mombasa (from Moments of Extraction)

Mombasa was brutal and merciless, but also sorrowful for the man that he had become. Mombasa was largely introspective, and reflected that perhaps in a different time, he could have been something more than a killer. As such, he was at peace with the fact that he deserved death, almost embracing it.[4] However, he was not above being honorable, and saved Stans from death, despite their hatred for one-another.[2]

Mombasa was also a Muslim, and the first to speculate that the Game Preserve Planet was some kind of afterlife, something that Cuchillo agreed upon.[2]

Mombasa had no fear of death, likely a result of the horrific crimes he had committed, and he knew that he more than deserved hell for all the suffering he had caused.[3]



  • Mombasa is a Muslim, as revealed early in the film when he performs the Salat (daily prayer) while the group take a break.
    • Though due to his appearance, He may also be a Black Muslim.
  • He possessed similar traits to Billy in Predator, in that they both were portrayed as having a strong jungle sense and knew when the Predator(s) were hunting/stalking them.
  • His name is a reference to the city of Mombasa in Kenya.




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