"They take trophies. In my culture, the warrior with the greatest trophies commands the most respect."
Mombasa (from Predators)

Mombassa was a death squad officer in the Revolutionary United Front who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Mombasa was second to be killed by the Super Predators in an ambush when the group stumbled into their hunting camp.


Serving the RUF

"Wound one man. Make him suffer. Make him bleed. Make him call out for help, then set a trap and kill those who come. I know because I have done this."
―After finding Cuchillo
Mombasa was a Sierra Leone RUF death squad officer. He served in the Sierra Leone Civil War.


He is first seen when the others come across him and Stans fighting. Royce interrupts their fight just as Stans appears to have the upper-hand. The two have a later confrontation after Stans violently demands to be given a weapon but the confrontation is broken up with the arrival of the Predator Hounds.

During the fight Mombasa saves Stans' life by shooting a hound that is about to kill him. Later when the group finds the Predator camp, Mombasa senses that the Predators are there. He is then shot in the stomach by a small projectile which then expands within his body, impaling and raising him in the air. Later his skull is taken by the Predators as a trophy.

Personality and traits

Mombasa appears to have no fear of death. When Stans holds a shiv to his throat and demands to be given a weapon, Mombasa pulls a pistol from a pocket and places it under Stans' chin and says "I am ready to die, are you?". Mombasa suspects the group might be dead and in purgatory and fears the Predators are the devil. It is shown that he has a strong jungle sense as he was the first one to notice the Predator watching them from the trees. Mombasa also explained the reason why Cuchillo was used as bait, saying that he had done it before.


He is seen using an AKMS assault rifle and a plain Colt M1911A1 as his sidearm.


  • Mombasa is a Muslim, as revealed early in the film when he performs the Salat (daily prayer) while the group takes a break; it is the same scene in which Royce notes that the sun has not moved since arrival.
  • After Mombasa's death, Stans does feel sorry about it, blaming Royce's actions for his death.
  • He was very similar to Billy in Predator since they both were portrayed as having a strong jungle sense and knew when the Predator(s) were hunting/stalking them.
  • His name is a reference to the city Mombasa in Kenya




  1. Mombasa's actor's (Mahershala Ali) height is 6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm), that is also how tall Mombasa would have been.
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