Molly O'Brien was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Molly was one of four people known to have survived the Gunnison incident, along with Dallas Howard, Ricky Howard and her mother Kelly.


She greeted her mother when she returned home and enjoyed using the night goggles her mother gave her as a present. Still, because of her mother´s long absence from home due to her job in the army, she had become distant to her. Her father was killed in her home the night after that by a Xenomorph during the Xenomorph invasion that occured then, while she and her mother managed get out of there alive. After that they fought in order to survive the infestation with the help of others they met later. During that horrible event, Molly and her mother became close to each other again.

She was one of only four survivors that escaped the invasion of Gunnison, Colorado. She achieved that by escaping on board of a medical helicopter, along with her mother, Dallas Howard, and Ricky Howard. By doing this she narrowly escaped the destruction of the town ordered by Colonel Stevens and was apprehended later by unknown military personnel.




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