Mike W. Barr (born May 30, 1952) is an American comic book and mystery writer who wrote the comics Aliens: Headhunters and Predator: No Beast So Fierce for Dark Horse Comics.


Barr has worked as a regular writer for major American comics companies DC and Marvel Comics on numerous titles, particularly during the 1980s.

He is perhaps best known as the writer of the Batman: Year Two, which appeared in Detective Comics, as the co-creator of the series Batman and the Outsiders, and as the writer of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Camelot 3000, all for DC Comics. He also worked on the Ra's Al Ghul graphic novel Batman: Son of the Demon. Barr's Batman stories and scripts have been adapted into several mediums, including for episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. He also contributed to Marvel's original Star Wars comics series in the 1980s.

Elsewhere, he has written for every one of the first four incarnations of Star Trek: Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager — in either comic book or other formats.

Barr has also written for Dark Horse Comics on the Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron, G.I. Joe and his original series The Mark.

Barr has also long worked on his own creator-owned mystery comics series The Maze Agency, which has been published by various companies over the years.




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