"That wasn't the real Weyland?"
―Cpl. Winter after the synthetic was shot by Cpl. Hicks

Michael Weyland[note 1] was a Synthetic version of the human Michael Weyland. He was destroyed by Corporal Dwayne Hicks after the second Xenomorph infestation on Acheron.


Torturing Dwayne Hicks

"Thirteen weeks and four days they had me. Spent hours a day in a room, torture after torture. Some days I could barely take it. But, when there are two of you in a room, you notice when the other guy ain't breathin'."
―Cpl. Hicks, regarding his torture

Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, the synthetic's prisoner and destroyer.

This synthetic served as a body double of Weyland-Yutani Corporation employee Michael Weyland in 2179 at the Origin Facility on Acheron. He served as the interrogator of United States Colonial Marine Corporal Dwayne Hicks, to get information of what the Marine learned while on a mission to the colony Hadley's Hope in June 2179. The captive Hicks was aware in the interrogation sessions that this synthetic wasn't the real Weyland.


"I just shot your god."
―Cpl. Hicks after shooting the synthetic
Destroyed Synthetic

The destroyed Weyland Synthetic.

After 17 weeks, the United States Colonial Marine Corps sent the USS Sephora to investigate Cpl. Hicks' transmission. Several surviving Marines from the Sephora disrupted Weyland-Yutani's activities on the moon that the real Weyland left before the Marines reached the Resolute with a recently freed Hicks. Hicks then forced Private Peter O'Neal to shoot the synthetic in the head with his M4A3 Service Pistol to stop it from making an attempt to kill the surviving Marines. The Bishop model from the Sephora took some files from the deactivated double to help the Marines take the fight to Weyland-Yutani.

Personality and Traits

"Please, Please don't do this. I'm just the face that runs a company."
―The Synthetic "pleading" to the Marines
Michael Weyland

The real Weyland.

Physically similar to the real Michael Weyland, he could pass for the human. His real identity was given away when Corporal Hicks couldn't hear his breathing in the interrogation sessions. Like the real Weyland, synthetic was also very deceitful and manipulative by feigning weakness to get the Marines to drop their guard before he made an attempt to kill the Marines; a chance he wasn't able to take.



  1. Although his name is consistently rendered as Michael Weyland in this game, the character upon whom he is based refers to himself and is credited as Bishop in Alien 3.


  1. Thirteen weeks and four days after Alien 3.