The Jungle Hunter's Medicomp.

The Medicomp,[1] also known as the MediKit,[2] was a powerful and versatile first aid kit used by the Yautja to treat wounds while on a Hunt. The Medicomp contained various serums and surgical tools that could be used to treat a wide range of injuries quickly and effectively.


Yautja rarely hunt in large groups, thus they cannot expect to receive quick or organised assistance should they suffer any injuries while hunting. As a result, individuals carry various forms of first-aid to ensure that they are able to efficiently treat themselves. While an important instrument in healing the Predator, it appears that the tools and methods used to heal are quite painful; as many Yautja showcase physical pain and/or discomfort during treatment.

Notable instances of use[]

The Jungle Hunter uses his Medicomp to heal a bullet wound after being been shot in its leg by Mac, and the visible contents are powder, a shrapnel extractor, a small spatula, a pair of scissors, two wound clamps, a stimulant shot, and a tube of antiseptic.

The City Hunter uses his kit to cauterize a wound where his arm was cut off, and to heal bullet wounds on his body; unlike the Jungle Hunter's Medicomp, it has a radically different design, possesses surgical blades, a shrapnel extractor, wound clamps, a spatula, a burner for melting medicine, a needle full of medicine, two reloads for the needle, a container full of a blue solvent, and an emergency breathing mask. When the Predator uses the burner, he crushed pieces of plaster and the mirror, and then he adds the blue solvent, formed a gel, and cauterized the wound.

The Feral Predator possesses a 'First Aid Gun'[3][4] on his back upon arrival. While he is not seen opening it, he does later use a medical dispenser to patch up some of the injuries he received while fighting French voyageurs, showing discomfort during.


  • In the Alien vs. Predator video game series, the Medicomp is replaced with a simpler "health shard" mechanic, whereby the player injects themselves with two sharp, serrated needles that heal the body.
  • In Predator: Concrete Jungle, the Medicomp takes the form of a container that, when injected into the flesh, heals any wound on the body.
  • According to Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem model supervisor Nick Seldon, the use of staplers to close wounds as opposed to needles was done as a nod to the fact that the Predator's hide is too thick for surgical needles.[citation needed]
  • The syringe the Jungle Hunter uses in his Medicomp is a real life 30 ml Roux Revolver syringe.[citation needed]
  • In Mortal Kombat X, the Hunter variation of the Predator is given a move in which he plunges a Medicomp into his knee, roaring in pain. This recovers some health but removes stamina.