MedTech is a company that hides a Xenomorph nest five stories below the building. They are broken into by Ahiro, a procurer from Synsound. After discovering a missing egg, the security team use Ol' Blue, a Xenomorph tracker to find the missing egg. The team discover the lab where the egg was taken too and find out that it has hatched and become a Xenomorph Warrior called Mozart, after rampaging in a concert due to the audience using Xeno-Zip, he is finally brought down by the MedTech team. The events are later covered up.

Unlike Weyland-Yutani and the USM, MedTech successfully used Xenomorphs as tools, as seen with their handling of Ol' Blue, however it should be noted that the Xenomorph was heavily restrained. That said, it did ignore its human handlers in favor of tracking the missing egg, and only reacted violently when sensing Xenozip from a rival hive.


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