Mbutu was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, stationed aboard The Benedict under the command of Colonel Stephens to acquire a specimen for the Terran Government in 2192.


Taken Hostage & Rescue Attempt[]

Mbutu was a specialized synthetic part of Fox Platoon stationed on board the Benedict in its mission to retrieve a xenomorph sample for the Terran Government in the early 2190's. Mbutu spent nine months in hypersleep for the journey out to the creatures' homeworld and awoke a few days out from the destination. Sometime during the journey, Easley went EVA with a live grenade and ended up being caught in the explosion, which some of the Marines found to be suspicious.

Sometime later an alarm went off and Mbutu and the other Marines scrambled to prepare for what ever threat was coming. When she reached the armory, Mbutu and the others realized that the feeding ramps on their carbines were removed, making the weapons useless. Mbutu was then taken hostage during a hostile takeover on the ship by a pirate and his combatandroids. The Marines were sent planetside in full combat gear and unarmed to be used as bait for the local wildlife.

When the captured Marines were herded towards the local hive, an unidentified flying creatures attacked the Air Pods taking down several and downing one with an android managed to get away by heading towards the hive for cover. Unfortunately for the android the Mbutu and the rest of her squad where taking cover there waiting for the android. During this time, Mbutu armed herself with a large rock much to the amusement to Bueller, according to him it beat nothing. The squad then captured the android and relieved him of his Plasma Rifle and sidearm which went to Blake and Bueller respectively.

The squad then started to fight back against the remaining pirate forces and rearming themselves along the way with what could be salvaged. The squad then made a break for the Dropship with Ramirez on point and moving ahead of the squad to secure the Dropship. Unfortunately it was rigged with explosives and Ramirez was lost in the ensuing explosion. The squad then received an incoming transmission from one the crew members panicking that his position was being over run with xenomorphs. Sergant Wilks then cut in and told the panicking man to turn on his tracking beacon for rescue. Mbutu and the rest of the squad then decided to mount a rescue mission for the hived crew members since Mbutu and the others couldn't go against their programming and let any harm come to the human crew.

Mbutu and the others then entered the hive and were ambushed by a wave of xenomorphs loosing Chin and Smith in the first wave of the attack. Leaving Mbutu, Blake and Bueller to carry out the operation, the last three Marines pressed on into the hive. Another wave ambushed the Marines and one of the creatures pounced on Mbutu, the creatures was shot and killed by Blake. Unfortunately Mbutu was entwined with the creature and got a face full of acidic blood, the Marine opened her mouth to scream and got a mouthful of the blood as well. With her death imminent, Mbutu gurgled a plea to her comrades, with Bueller obliging her by shooting her in the head to shorten her suffering.



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