Maxon Cregar was a twelve-year old colonist living at the colony of Trono on LV-871 with his mother Anne Cregar.

A Xenomorph outbreak in the colony forces Maxon on a venture for survival alongside a group of survivors, all the while being hunted by the Xenomorph that was birthed from his mother.


The Outbreak


Max witnesses his mother giving birth to a Chestburster.

After being woken up by gunfire, Max goes to a window and sees the disturbance taking place and is injured when the glass of the window is shattered from stray gunfire. Max goes to his mothers room only to find her seemingly asleep until he sees that a Facehugger has attached itself to her.

After pulling glass from his face, he is startled when the alien removes itself from his mother's face and curls up dead by the base of the bed. Maxon's mother soon regains consciousness and after seeing the chaos in the streets and the alert on her computer telling everyone to evacuate. Maxon's mother tells him to pack his belongs and to get ready to make for the evac shuttle. Maxon is reluctant to leave the apartment, thinking it is safer to stay there before his mother reminds him of the facehugger that had previously gotten in.

Maxon is taken by his mother into a car after encountering a Xenomorph that strangely ignored them, and after running over a dead facehugger, the acid corrodes the tires and causes the vehicle to crash. Max and his mother is rescued by the Assistant Administrator Waugh. After getting aboard an escape shuttle, Maxon witnesses his mother beginning to convulse. As he worryingly asks if she is okay, Anne suddenly births a Chestburster that subsequently scurries into the ship interior.


Max brandishing a handgun.

Max is left in shock from his mother's death and unbuckles his seat belt in order to get to her. However, because the shuttle is on incline due to Chestburster causing a panic, Maxon is thrown from his seat and is caught by Waugh. The captain arrives and tells everyone to remain seated and informs them because the Xenomorph killed at the port resulted in acid eating through the hull of the shuttle, they are unable to break orbit. The captain tries to reassure everyone that the U.S.S Carver, a ship that is in orbit will send another shuttle but Waugh tells her they risk contaminating the ship if they proceed with that plan.

During their argument, Maxon reaches for a pistol and attempts to shoot the creature, but is stopped from decompressing the cabin by another passenger, only for the passenger to be killed by the slightly matured chestburster after it bites his throat open.

Venturing across LV-871


Maxon encounters his mother's Xenomorph.

After crashing, Maxon is met by Sinta who asks him his name before both are pulled out by Waugh. After everyone is out, the shuttle is destroyed by co-pilot De Vore, in order to make sure the Xenomorph is dead. After assuming the alien is dead, the crew and passengers try and contact the U.S.S Carver. Roman, one of the older passengers rests against a rock.

The group gets a garbled message from the carver before seeing the ship itself crashing back down to the planet. Realizing what likely happened, the group tries to come with a plan, with Waugh suggesting they make for Terraforming plant 3, due to its provisions and a nearby shuttle. During this, Maxon deviates from the group but Waugh and De Vore get him back with the latter trying to reassure Maxon and asks for his help.

Maxon goes to grab the antenna only to see the Xenomorph birthed from his mother still alive, albeit with its right arm severed off from the crash and exposion. When asked what was wrong by De Vore, Max hesitates and says he doesn't know.

Amidst a large sandstorm, De Vore asks Maxon the whereabouts of the elderly couple and the Engineer that was nearby. After Maxon is unable to reply, De Vore enters the sandstorm to look for them as the captain radios in announcing that they have found shelter in the form of a facility. As time goes by, Maxon is seen sitting down waiting for De Vore's return. He pulls out his mother's id card that reads Anne Cregar/Mother. Maxon cries as he laments the death of his beloved mother, before suddenly encountering the hysterical and bloodied Engineer who yells at him that they have to leave. The armless Xenomorph subsequently emerges and kills the Engineer, and then turns its attention to Maxon. However, the Xenomorph hesistates from attackign the child, and Maxon is suddenly grabbed by De Vore and told to run. The two eventually reach the station and reunite with the rest of the group.

After the captain proposes journeying to a nearby escape shuttle still intact near a tower, Sinta takes Maxon, still suffering from the aftereffects of an adrenaline rush, to a bunker for him to sleep. Maxon later overhears De Vore talking to the rest of the group about how the Xenomorph may be protecting Maxon due to its DNA reflex coming from his mother, and subsequently suggests that perhaps the group is better off pushing forward without Maxon. Upon hearing this, Maxon walks away, packs a bag and takes the ladder from the facility and onto the planet surface, intending to abandon the survivors. However, he is grabbed and scolded by Waugh. As Waugh proceeds to return to the facility, with the protesting Maxon in hand, he looks up and witnesses a plethora of Xenomorphs on the ceiling.


Maxon falls into the river.

The survivors flee from the ambushing aliens, with De Vore and the captain being killed in the attack. Max, Sinta and Waugh reach the outside of the facility and are forced to climb the cable of the destroyed bridge to get across for any chance of survival. The captain is forced to give up her handgun to Waugh, and is subsequently killed by the horde before she manages to get on the cable. Waugh hands to gun to Sinta as the three remaining survivors are forced to climb across the cable, the Xenos in hot pursuit. Before a Xenomorph manages to strike Waugh with its tail, Sinta fires several shots at the aliens, their acid blood dripping onto the cable, causing the cable to break with everyone falling into the river below.


Maxon and Waugh.

Before almost drowning, Maxon is saved by Waugh, who brings him to land and reveals himself to be a Synthetic, his torso severed. Waugh requests Maxon to decapitate him to make mobility more convenient. Maxon complies and eventually reunites with Sinta, Waugh's severed head in his arms. The group enter the terraforming plant through a retinal scan from Waugh and explore the interior.

Escaping the moon

Max recognizes a group of deceased Facehuggers and questions Waugh if he ever knew about this. Sinta accuses Waugh and his superiors of transforming the plants into incubators. Waugh reveals that the government of Trono had signed an agreement with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation that, in exchange for a lifetime of funding, Trono would comply with "bio-storage" activities, resulting in "unintended consequences". DtdXeno Suddenly, the armless Xenomorph emerges, with Maxon prompting the others to flee, himself believing that the creature will not hurt him. This is proven to be a mistake, however, as the Alien pounces on Maxon who barely misses a Headbite and is only saved from death by Sinta, who throws a large mechanical arm that strikes the creature. The group flee, running up a large flight of stairs in hopes of reaching the escape shuttle. However, they stumble upon a massive horde and are forced into an elevator. When the elevator is revealed to not function, they take the escape hatch and eventually reach the top of the plant. The group soon realize that they are on the wrong tower, and must make a jump to the next tower to reach the shuttle. Maxon goes first and Sinta tosses the head of Waugh to him, later revealing that she wont make it due to the condition of her leg.

Maxon ventures on into the facility and discovers a Xenomorph hive, the cocooned Captain and a Queen that blocks his path to the escape shuttle. However, the armless Xenomorph emerges and attacks the Queen, granting Maxon enough time to board the shuttle, ignite the engines and take off, burning the hive and all of its inhabitants in its wake. To Waugh's protest, Maxon strays from the required trajectory in order to save Sinta and pick her up just before the Xenomorphs reach her, the three together finally escaping the nightmare. Maxon, Sinta and Waugh are soon rescued, with Maxon and Sinta being reinstated at a space station.

After the infestation

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Maxon staring out into space.

Maxon is given temporary refuge with an elderly couple who comfort him. The couple tuck Maxon in bed and tell him that if there is anything he needs "just say so anytime". However, a nightmare forces Maxon to wake up in a fright and cause him to stare out into the empty abyss of space.


Maxon being only twelve-years old, is subject to horrors a child like him should never bare witness, and his life is suddenly turned into a delirious plight for survival. Over the course of the events on LV-871, Maxon appears to be a cautious and quiet child, though this is entirely justifiable giving the traumatic events unfolding. However, as his plight for survival progresses, Maxon displays bravery and courage far beyond what is expected from his age group.


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