"I guess it's easy to forget. Man -- Woman -- something in-between...The fact is we don't know. Best we can say is, somewhere in there's a human being."
Katherine Lara (from Aliens: Frenzy)

MAX (Mobile Assault Exo-Warrior) was a Berserker unit operated by an otherwise unnamed member of a Weyland-Yutani Max Team dispatched to DS 949 in response to the Xenomorph outbreak there. The pilot himself was nicknamed 'Max' by personnel.

Max perished during the incident when his body succumbed to chemical shock, a result of the 'synthetic adrenaline' repeatedly pumped into his body. His suit was later operated by Brian Ellis.

Characteristics and Equipment[]

"Just three men? I expected an army!"
"Oh, we got that, too --
Sturges and Eric Izzard (from Aliens: Frenzy)

Entombed within a gigantic MAX exo-suit, 'Max' was a human male who had long since lost his identity, rendered an empty tool of destruction for Weyland-Yutani's bidding, and existing in a hellish limbo that could barely be considered alive. His identity was such a mystery that even the Max Team who supervised him were unsure of his gender. It is heavily implied that Max's instalment inside the exo-suit was involuntary.

Max was an unstoppable Xenomorph-killing machine, and he could make short work of entire hives within the span of a few minutes, at the cost of severe physical and mental aftereffects. For this, his suit was equipped with an arsenal of deadly weapons; beyond a near-invulnerable exterior, his left arm donned a metal claw and a Flamethrower capable of lighting up hives within an instant, and his right arm consisted of a specialized heavy machine gun. The suit was also capable of emitting powerful heat-rays from its eyes, incinerating anything in its path.[2]


"Gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Why would anyone volunteer to be locked in a bug suit for the rest of their lives?"
"Maybe they don't get a choice in the matter.
Brian Ellis and Katherine Lara (from Aliens: Frenzy)

At some point, it is presumed that 'Max' was involuntarily installed into a MAX exo-suit on behalf of Weyland-Yutani. He would be installed as part of a hunter/killer Wey-Yu Max Team comandeered by Eric Izzard of the Nemesis

Assault on Traon mining facility[]


Max slaughters a hive of Xenomorphs.

Following a Xenomorph infestation within a mining facility on the planet of Traon, the Max Team was called in to quell the outbreak, and the squad prepare Max for action.

With Wesley Teape serving as a beacon to lure him to the infested facility's Queen, Max was transported to the depths of the hive, and subsequently woken up with excessive dosages of adrenaline. Driven to a murderous frenzy, Max made short work of the creatures, promptly gunning down the Queen and leaving their hive in total flames. With his mission complete, he was promptly sedated and subdued.

DS 949[]

Max was called upon a second time after the team were informed by the company that they were to quell another infestation aboard the space station, DS Service Terminal 949. However, comms officer Katherine Lara was concerned with Max's health, noticing that his vital signs began waning and that he needed to be transported to a hospital. Izzard coldly responded that Max would continue with the mission, and that if he died, they would call in for a subsequent replacement, much to Lara's disgust.


"Max is sick. I think he's dying. We're keeping him going with drugs, but how much longer he'll last I don't know. Every vital function shows signs of deterioration. He should be in a hospital not a Max suit..."
Katherine Lara regarding Max (from Aliens: Frenzy)

Ellis removes Max's lifeless body from the exo-suit.

With the mission suddenly going awry and the squad ambushed by a large horde of Xenos, Max was activated yet again. However, the physical trauma became too much, and his body could no longer withstand the heaps of stimulants pumped into him, resulting in Max dying of an overdose.

With little options left, Brian Ellis would go on to remove Max's corpse from the exo-suit, a malnourished and feeble husk of a man. Ellis would go on to use the suit to rescue Martin Jess, and he, Jess and Lara would escape the terminal with their lives.



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