The Maul[1] is a Yautja close-combat weapon. It is a large, weighted cutting blade affixed to a handle that runs perpendicular to the blade itself; this layout is notably similar to tonfas or "nightsticks" often used by human law enforcement officers.


The Maul offers devastating close-range power far in excess of that available with the Combistick, but at the cost of greatly reduced range.[1] The Maul's blade is around twice as long at the back than at the front and is weighted accordingly, allowing the user to spin the weapon in the hand about its handle and put increased momentum behind their blows; one tactic is to whirl the weapon rapidly in a fashion comparable to a helicopter rotor before landing a crushing strike on an opponent. The Maul is capable of inflicting grievous wounds, capable of slicing through multiple human targets simultaneously with little effort. In fact, the Maul is arguably one of the most powerful hand-to-hand weapons available to Yautja.[1]

As with many Yautja weapons, individuals of the species often utilize bespoke variants of the Maul with their own differing characteristics. Examples have even been seen constructed from the jaw bones of very large extraterrestrial carnivores, with the creature's teeth providing the weapon with a vicious, serrated edge.[1]



A pair of tonfa.

  • While the Maul seems similar to a nightstick, its method of operation makes it more likely to have been inspired by the Okinawan weapon of a similar design known as a tonfa, which are normally wielded in pairs.



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