This six year old boy was the son of Patrick and Marla Massey.

The boy was murdered by his own father after stumbling across an encrypted message written to Patrick.


Discovering what he never should have seen

Due to the incompetence of one of Patrick Massey's colleagues, the young boy stumbled across an encrypted message written to his dad. He then proceeded to show his mother Marla the message, who after reading its contents angrily waited outside the shower for her husband.

When Patrick came out of the shower, Marla angrily confronted him about the message. Realizing that his secret was exposed, Patrick immediately grabbed his son before snapping his neck, killing him in front of his mother, who he subsequently also killed.


Following the murder of his family, Patrick then contacted his connections in the local authorities and paid them to make his wife's and son's deaths look like the result of a botched home invasion. The bodies of his wife and son were later cremated.


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