Massey was the pilot of a ship known as The Rachel, he took Alecto Throop and the rest of the crew to find Dr. Lucien Keitel for the Geholgod Institute.

During the investigation, Baal is severely damaged by a Xenomorph, however his head was rescued by Throop and was still functional if barely coherent.

Massey discovers Keitel's location by using triangulation through tachyon percentages.

At some point prior to this, the crew were forced to attach Baal's head to Deimos' body. Baal warns the others that he may become corrupted by subversive sleeper programming that was installed in Deimos. Massey pilots The Rachel down on the planet and zeroes in on the Savannah's signal. As the field team approaches an artificial architecture, Massey's monitors begin losing visual.

Massey later decides to pilot The Rachel into architecture's pit, alerting the Xenomorphs who been docile around Throop and Jellicoe due to the Rhodes vaccine. Massey meets with Throop and Jellicoe after they get back on board, they tell him that Mutombo was taken. They also confirm that Lucien Keitel is there. Massey panicks and suggests they leave but Throop tells him that the captain may still be alive. Throop tells him to make sure nothing gets on board, they also mention their suspicion of Hannibal Sten.

Later, Massey sees Sten on the monitor and concludes that he trying to get in, Baal reveals that he had just opened the door to let Sten in. Massey arms himself and tries to find Sten, however, he is knocked unconscious by the latter.

Sten confronts Baal, who reveals his corruption by Deimos' code and leads Sten to the eggs. After coming to, Massey tracks Sten down and finds him standing over the eggs so that he could be impregnated. Witnessing the Facehugger leap out and attach itself to Sten, Massey opens fire on the cultist, killing him. Unfortunately this caused the Facehugger to detach from its dead host and to go after him instead. Unprepared for the attack, Massey is caught of guard when it leaps at him though he manages to hold it back for a bit. Massey shouted for Baal to help him but the corrupted android simply stood and watched, the Facehugger overpowers Massey and attaches to his face, subduing him.

Massey is next seen lying on the floor unconscious with the Facehugger still attached to him. Baal then answers Troop's attempt to contact Massey by saying that both him and Massey are waiting for them. His death is later revealed by Arch, who tells Throop that he was discovered with a hole in his chest.

The Xenomorph that came from Massey almost killed Alecto and Jellicoe as they weren't prepared for the ambush.