"Our cargo had survived, too."
Selkirk, regarding Maru's Demons from Aliens: Salvation

Maru's Demons is the name refering to the cargo of the ship Nova Maru. It is a loyal hunter that is found feasting upon the indigineous species on the planet PCW9512. They average around 7–8 feet tall when standing on hind legs, and about 14–15 feet long, tail included.

The Demon first appears to the newly reunited Selkirk and Dean when they head for the Nova Maru.

A Queen was also buried in the cargo hold underneath the surface of the planet known as, Satan.


The Maru's Demons are similar to Xenomorph XX121 (Alien) in most ways. Standard elongated chrome head piece, tall, dorsal plates running up the spine, and six fingers on each hand. Despite this they are brown in color, have a rather elongated chin, and very awkward tail, often seen swinging about with little control. Perhaps due the more feral species on the planet.


The demons display a rather pack-like mentality when faced with a dangerous foe. Seen during the Assult on the Nova Maru multiple Demons flanked the two survivors and tried to kill them. However they did not seem to possess the ability to stealthily maneuver around the targets. Usually going in head long while trying to over power them, as seen with the Lone Demon. They also seemed to understand the concept of waiting or outlasting the enemy as seen when many of them had been wait for Dean and Selkirk inside the shuttle. Only to attack head first again.


  • The reason the Maru's Demons are referred to as such is due to the very deep connection Selkirk has with his religion. Viewing them not as aliens but Demons from the pits of hell.
  • Another reason is due to the fact Selkirk see's them as demons especially when viewing the Queen as Satan, on her throne with the bodies of the innocent entombed in the hive.
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