Martin Jess[1] was a convicted criminal who volunteered for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's Berserker program. He was a member of the Berserker hunter/killer team dispatched to DS 949 in response to the Xenomorph outbreak there.

Jess was one of three people to survive the incident aboard DS 949, along with Lieutenant Lara and Weyland-Yutani technician Brian Ellis.


Dishonorable discharge USCM (PFC)

No training higher than D-Level

Current Assignment


Security Clearance

D7 - Possible security risk


  • Jess' propensity to say, "Yo," in Aliens: Frenzy may be a subtle reference to Aliens: Tribes, in which the character of Point frequently says the same. Tribes is in fact the story from which the concept of the titular Berserker originates, and has a similar plot following a Berserker-equipped clean-up unit being dispatched to a Xenomorph-infested space station.



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