Mars was a planet located in the Sol System of the Core Systems' Sol Sector. A terrestrial and rocky world, Mars was colonized by humans during the mid-21st century. The planet, along with its moon Phobos, became the site of several colonies and military bases allied with the Three World Empire, the United Americas, and other national and industrial organizations such as Weyland Corp and its successor the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.



Peter Weyland broadcasting from a Martian colony under construction.

Along with Earth and the Saturnian moon of Titan, Mars was one of the eponymous triad of planets forming the basic power structure of the Three World Empire, a coalition of several Earth nations led by the United Kingdom and Japan that was formed in 2088.[1] The planet was also the site of several colonies established by Weyland Corp; a holographic presentation made by Peter Weyland to the crew of the Weyland exploration ship USCSS Prometheus in 2093 was recorded inside a Martian colony which, at that time, was still under construction.[4] Early colonization efforts on Mars were complicated by cockroach infestations in food supplies.[5]

USCSS Nostromo crewmember Dennis Parker attended the Martian campus of the Interstellar Commerce Commission Engineering Trade School.[6] At some point prior to her posting aboard the Kelland Mining Company ship DSMO Marion in 2157, science officer Karen Sneddon took her apprenticeship with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation on Mars.[7] Weyland-Yutani researcher Timothy Hoenikker studied Xeno-Anthropology at Weyland University on Mars before his assignment to Pala Station outpost on LV-895 in 2202.[3]


Owing to extensive terraforming, Mars' population included 20 million colonists by 2183.[1]

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Valles Colony

Valles Colony was situated on Mars. Terraformed from 2032 to 2040 and established in 2040 by Weyland Corp, the locale served as Weyland Corp's headquarters.[1] It had a population of 16,780,000 as of 2073. Valles Colony was established to exploit vast deposits of rare-earth metal. Industries at Valles included mining, refining, light and heavy manufacturing and five key resources: niobium, europium, neodymium, copper, and chromium.[citation needed]

In the 22nd century, infantry officers of the United States Colonial Marine Corps were required to take an advanced hostile environments course at Camp Hanneken, located in Valles Marineris.[8]

Mars is home to the Leo Colony. Terraformed from 2032 to 2040 and established in 2041 by Weyland Corp, Leo had a population of 22,670,000 as of January 1st, 2073. Leo Colony is known for being the largest security sector (weapons and logistics development and manufacture) and atmosphere processing facilities in the systems. Leo has six main industries: Mining, Tourism, Security, Terraforming, Light and Heavy Manufacturing and four key resources; Cerium, Nickel, Tungsten, and Neodymium.[citation needed]


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