Mark Verheiden (born March 26, 1956) is an American television, movie and comic book writer who has written several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens and Predator lines; Verheiden is notable for having written many of the influential early series that would come to define these lines and make them so popular.

Since his work on Aliens and Predator, he has gone on to become a well-known and successful writer/producer in the TV and film industry, specializing in science fiction, and was screenwriter on the movies The Mask and Timecop (both of which were based on Dark Horse properties).


Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Verheiden is currently co-executive producer of Falling Skies for the TNT network, with executive producer Steven Spielberg and Graham Yost. His current feature projects "in development": Ark (Sony Pictures), produced by Neal Moritz and Mike Richardson, Quartermain (DreamWorks), and a soon to be announced project at Warner Bros.

His other past work includes writing the feature My Name Is Bruce starring Bruce Campbell, writing/co-executive producing three seasons on the Peabody Award winning television series Battlestar Glaactica, serving as writer/producer for seasons three and four of Heroes, and working as writer/producer on the first three seasons of Smallville. Verheiden has also written episodes of Caprica, Freakylinks, The Strip, Martial Law, Timecop the series and HBO's Perversions of Science.






  • The character Mark Verheiden in Alien vs. Predator was named as an homage to the writer. The real Mark Verheiden later commented on his blog that he was flattered by the reference,[1] though amusedly noted that the character dies a grisly death in the film.[2]

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