A Marine Space Force (MSF) is the primary subdivision of the operating forces of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.[1] The MSFs are an integral part of the United States AeroSpace Force, subject to the operational control of fleet commanders, and contain both ground and aerospace elements transported aboard USASF vessels.[1]


There are three Marine Space Forces in operation, each covering a different area of operations:

  • Marine Space Force, Sol — responsible for operations throughout the core systems, including Sol
  • Marine Space Force, Eridani — operates along the American and Chinese colonised arms
  • Marine Space Force, Herculis — responsible for the Anglo-Japanese arm up to the fringes of the Network[1]

In practice, these are merely administrative designations borne of the fact that frontier operations require operating forces to be broken down into autonomous taskforces of regimental size or less. Additionally, astrometrical realities of colonised space mean that the MSFs' operating areas frequently intertwine and overlap, so that combined operations between the Space Forces are a day-to-day necessity.[1]

Each MSF consists of a single Colonial Marine Division, with the exception of Marine Space Force, Sol which comprises two divisions.[1] Each division is a balanced force of combat, support and service elements, especially tailored towards orbital assault missions and capable of sustained surface operations.[1] Every Colonial Marine Division also contains an aerospace combat element in the form of a Colonial Marine Aerospace Wing, responsible for the division's aerospace support and airmobility requirements.[2]

Using the assets of the division, Aerospace Wing and supporting units, the MSFs can form taskforces of any size appropriate to the mission.[2] All Colonial Marine units are kept in an advanced state of readiness, able to respond to all commitments in their theater of operations at short notice.[3] Additionally, Marine Space Force, Sol is capable of quickly reinforcing either of the other two MSFs and has earmarked several of its units for rapid forward deployment.[3]


Msf dispositions

US Colonial Marine Space Force dispositions.

Marine Space Force, Sol

Marine Space Force, Eridani

  • Headquarters: Happy Days, Helene 215
  • Major units: 3rd Colonial Marine Division; 3rd Marine Aerospace Wing
  • Operational bases: Kuat ASFB, Surier 430; a number of garrison locations along the American arm as far as Thedus and the Solomons[2]
  • Uniformed black berets and military police, regular military

Marine Space Force, Herculis

  • Headquarters: Chinook 91 GSO station, Georgia 525
  • Major units: 4th Colonial Marine Division; 4th Colonial Marine Brigade; 4th Aerospace Wing; 1st Colonial Support Group
  • Operational bases: Tithonis Mountain, Bernice 378; a number of garrison locations along the Anglo-Japanese arm[3]
  • Uniformed black berets and military police, regular military

Colonial Marine Reserves

  • Major units: 5th (Provisional) Division; Reserve Aerospace Wing
  • Operational bases: a number of bases mainly in the continental United States and Panama, Earth and Aurore 510.[3]
  • Uniformed green beret grunts, National Guard ground troops, Reserve army



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