Mainframe Systems, also referred to as the server hub, was the principle server hub aboard Sevastopol Station, located in the Lorenz SysTech Spire.

During the Xenomorph outbreak that overran Sevastopol in 2137, Marshall Waits devised a plan to trap the rampaging Drone — which he mistakenly believed to be the only creature aboard the station — in the sever farm located within the Mainframe Systems area. While the plan succeeded, Amanda Ripley became trapped inside the server farm with the creature, forcing Deputy Ricardo to lift the lockdown to free her, releasing the Drone at the same time.


  • The friendly Working Joes inside Mainframe Systems will remain friendly even after APOLLO instructs the station's adroids to hunt down any human survivors. They will, however, turn hostile if the player attacks either them or any other random hostile Working Joes that may spawn or stray into the area.


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