Mahnde[2] was an un-Blooded Yautja and a member of Dachande's Clan.

He took part in an initiation Hunt on Ryushi with ten others, led by Dachande himself. However, the hunt would go awry, leaving Dachande incapacitated and for Tichinde to assume the role as the de facto Leader.

Mahnde was killed in an assault against the humans of Prosperity Wells.


Mahnde was a member of Dachande's clan aboard the Mother Ship Ne'dtessi. Alongside being notably shorter than his brethren, Dachande noted Mahnde as a troublemaker alongside Tichinde and Ghardeh.[3]

After Tichinde had disrespected Dachande by glaring at him whilst bowing and flaring his mandibles, he chose for Mahnde to spar with him. The fight was incredibly anticlimactic, however, as Tichinde swiftly defeated Mahnde in front of an unimpressed crowd.[4] Not content with his victory, Tichinde would go on to foolishly challenge Dachande in a fight to the death, resulting in the latter easily beating the impish Yautja, but sparing his life in spite of his disrespectful nature.

Dachande would go on to choose the planet of Ryushi to conduct Mahnde and the other Un-Blooded's initiation hunt. Unbeknownst to them was that the human colony of Prosperity Wells had established itself on the planet.


Mahnde and his pack landed over the horizon of Prosperity Wells. The Yautja were subsequently discovered by accident by Dr. Kesar Revna, the latter attempting to flee on his hoverbike. During his escape, he accidentally killed Chulonte, incapacitated Dachande, and drove into the Predator's shuttle, destroying it and killing the two Blooded supervisors Skemte and Warkha.

Stranded, Tichinde assumed the role of leader and led the pack on a revenge campaign against the humans, slaughtering them, including unarmed innocents and children.


Tichinde subsequently led his pack in an assault against a group of humans who had barricaded themselves within the West Lock. Although the attack resulted in an eventual victory, it was at the cost of Mahnde and Da-ec'te's lives. Tichinde cited the two as being "slow and foolish" as a result.[5]


  • In the comics, the 'sparring' scenario that plays out in the story is actually non-canon, as it depicts Top-Knot (not Tichinde) defeating a nameless Yautja for the chance of choosing their hunting grounds. As his name was not yet given until the events of Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time Top-Knot's role was relegated to Tichinde, who sparred with Mahnde.


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