Maggie Faris[1] was a crew member aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. She was the wife of Tennessee "Tee" Faris. She was serving on the Covenant during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by David.


Faris was part of the expedition team that set down on Planet 4, piloting the Covenant's dropship, Lander One. After a risky landing, she is instructed to stay behind to watch over Lander One. Times have passed and while checking on the dropship's parts, Faris receives a distress call from Karine Oram that Ledward is very sick during the exploration. Faris was instructed to have the sick bay operational as both Karine and Ledward are returning. Upon seeing Ledward's progressively worsening sickness Faris became unnerved. Faris attempts to contact the remaining crews but due to poor weather condition at Planet 4 she kept breaking up.

After helping Karine with Ledward to sick bay, Faris, to her horror, discovers that something is within Ledward's back, and is trying to force its way out of his body. When a Neomorph hatched from Ledward, Faris, in her panic, fled the sick bay but locking Karine (who was momentarily too focused to notice that Faris locked her in), now lifeless Ledward and a hungry Neomorph inside in an attempt to prevent what she thought was containing potentially deadly infection to local level. Seeing Neomorph merging from its back-sac attached to Ledward, Karin too became panicky, screaming and cursing at Faris to open the sick bay door to no avail. Watching Neomorph coming out bloodily, Faris rushes to arsenal to get a firearm in an attempt to kill the creature. After Karin futilely tried to defend herself in Faris' absence, Neomorph attacked and badly mauled Karine Oram. Faris, arming herself with a Remington 870, reentered the sick bay and took aim at Neomorph that had undivided attention on barely alive Karine, only for Faris to slip on Ledward's blood, causing her to misfire the gun into a pipe in the ceiling and drop it on the ground, as well as inadvertently getting the Neomorph's attention. While all these were going on, Faris frantically called other crews for help time and again, but her desperate plea ends up being transmitted garbles due to planet 4's bad weather condition. Although her message could not be heard clearly, it was more than enough for crews on both land and above to realize that something horrible is going on at Lander One. Tennesse, Faris' husband, is deeply disturbed by the state of fright Faris was in.

Pursued by the Neomorph, she made her way back to the armory and armed herself with another Remington 870, which she repeatedly fired at the Neomorph which continuously dodged her gunfire until she accidentally shot a stack of explosive barrels, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the dropship and engulfed her in flames. She initially survived the explosion, stumbling out of what remained of the dropship while engulfed in flames, perishing moments later.





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