Maggie Faris was a crew member aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant, on which she served as a pilot alongside her husband Tennessee. During the Covenant's disastrous voyage to Origae-6, Faris was one of several crew members to journey to a mysterious world; there, she encountered a dangerous alien organism, and was killed in an effort to neutralize it.


Attack on the Covenant[]

Prior to 2103, Maggie Faris and her husband Tennessee applied for positions on the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant, and were employed as the pilots for both the ship and its complement of subsidiary craft including Lander One and the onboard cargo lifter. Shortly before the Covenant was due to launch from Earth orbit, Faris was present on the bridge with her husband when a radical group dubbed the Earthsavers attempted to sabotage the departure by ramming the Covenant with a cargo shuttle. Tennessee, inspired by chief terraformist Katherine Daniels' idea of using Lander Two to intercept the craft, launched it remotely and foiled the attack.

Launch and disaster[]

Faris 6

Faris on the Covenant bridge

Following the successful launch of the Covenant, Faris and Tennessee attended a celebration held to commemorate the expedition. During the festivities, Faris mentioned an outbreak of giant bugs at a colonial post. As the revelry continued, Faris and Tennessee became inebriated and displayed disruptive behavior, drawing judgmental comments from biologists Chris and Karine Oram.

One year into the journey in 2104, the Covenant was hit by a cosmic event and damaged; the incident resulted in the death of captain Jacob Branson and a number of colonists. Faris reported to the bridge after the chaos subsided; she made supportive comments towards ship's synthetic Walter while he was explaining the situation. Tennessee later intercepted a mysterious signal while repairing the Covenant and newly-promoted captain Oram decided to investigate, tracking the signal to a proximal world. Faris was assigned to ferry an investigative detachment to survey the planet aboard Lander One.

Checking out a new world[]

"That's going to be a motherfucker to fly through."
Faris sizing up the storm over the planet (from Alien: Covenant)

Faris during the fracas in the med bay

After flying through an atmospheric storm and making a risky amphibious landing at a beach, Faris stayed behind to effect needed repairs to Lander One while the expedition set out, quietly snarking at Oram's advice for her to stay dry. Shortly after, Faris received a distress call from biologist Karine—security officer Ben Ledward had become suddenly ill, and Faris was instructed to have the lander's sick bay operational. Upon seeing Ledward's progressively worsening sickness, Faris became unnerved and attempted to contact the rest of the expedition, though the continuing storm hampered her efforts.

Nonetheless, after assisting Karine with helping Ledward to the med bay, Faris discovered that something was trying to force its way out of Ledward's body. That something emerged as a dangerous alien creature; Faris fled the sick bay, locking Karine inside in an attempt to contain the potentially deadly infection and issuing a desperate call for help to the orbiting Covenant. As Karine futilely tried to defend herself in Faris' absence, the creature attacked and killed her. Faris, arming herself with a shotgun, reentered the med bay and took aim at Karine's attacker, only to slip on Ledward's blood and misfire the weapon, losing it in the process. Seeing the odds stacked against her, Faris retreated, injuring her ankle in the door on her way out of the bay.

Pursued by the alien, Faris made her way back to the armory and acquired another shotgun, firing at the creature point-blank until she accidentally hit the lander's munitions locker, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the vessel and engulfed her in flames. She initially survived the explosion, stumbling out of what remained of the lander while ablaze and perished moments later.


Faris firing wildly at an attacking alien (from Alien: Covenant)

Faris wielding a shotgun

Faris piloted Lander One while transporting the investigative detachment, and made use of an Audi Lunar Quattro lunar rover while working on the craft. While attempting to defend herself against the alien creature that emerged from Ledward, Faris armed herself with a Remington Model 870 shotgun; when she lost the weapon while escaping the lifeform, she acquired a second, identical weapon and used it to take potshots at the alien.

Behind the scenes[]

"I play Faris, and I'm a pilot aboard the Covenant. I'm married to Tennessee, played by Danny McBride. We're both pilots, but apparently I'm the better pilot, which is why they send me down on the Lander to go explore this new planet we find out there."
―Amy Seimetz[src]

Maggie Faris first appeared in The Last Supper, a short released to promote the film Alien: Covenant. In the short—and the film itself—Faris was portrayed by Amy Seimetz.