Macwhirr was a salvager who discovered the commercial transport starship Otranto adrift in space. Unknown to him, the vessel's sole remaining crewmember, the synthetic Hope, intended to use whoever docked with her ship in her experiments.

Machwirr was impregnated with a Chestburster by Hope, who then locked him in a store room until he died birthing the creature.


  • Machwirr actor James Paxton specifically sought out a role in Alien: Alone upon learning of the project, hoping to take part as a tribute to his late father Bill Paxton, who had passed away two years previously.[1]
  • In a twist on the famous gender reversal that led to Ripley becoming a female character, Machwirr was originally planned to be a woman. His gender was switched at the behest of 20th Century Fox, who wanted a more rounded cast in the short film.[1]



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