Maciej Kuciara

Maciej Kuciara.[1]

Maciej Kuciara is a senior concept designer and illustrator working for the film and video games industry in Los Angeles, California. Some of his more recent projects include The Last of Us (2013), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Jupiter Ascending (2015).[2]

Maciej Kuciara worked on the Alien: Isolation trailer "Improvise".[3]


Alien: Isolation[]

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Improvise machine

The machine designed by Kuciara.[3]

For "Improvise", Kuciara worked together with director Ben Hibon and the producers at Axis Animation. He was provided with rough storyboard for the entire animation and his task was to bring those sketches into keyframe quality images that would be then used as lighting and VFX reference, although several keyframes were cut from the final trailer. Additionally, Kuciara had the chance to design the look of large machine that Amanda Ripley uses to distract the Alien. His final task in the project was designing the Motion Tracker that Ripley assembles from a toy robot and scrap parts at the end of a trailer.[3]


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